California League of Conservation Voters

Tell EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler: Stop Trump's Rollback on Clean Cars

The Trump Administration’s latest rollback on California's clean car standards is an attack on our public health. This move goes against logic, public opinion, and basic science -- and even the majority of auto industry dealers oppose it. 

Clean car standards, also known as fuel efficiency standards, are environmental safeguards at the heart of efforts to combat our climate crisis . These protections would nearly double the fuel efficiency of automobiles and drastically reduce carbon pollution from cars and trucks. Rolling them back is a dangerous move and hurts our clean air. California lawmakers should be allowed to chart our own bold course on environmental protections and climate action.

We must raise our voices and put a stop against Trump's outrageous plan. 

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Stop Trump's attack on our clean cars.

Rolling back California's clean car standars fails to protect our climate, defend our clean air, and reduce our dependency on dirty fossil fuels. 

The EPA must maintain California's decades-old waiver rule that allows us to maintain stronger auto emission standards than the federal government requires. At least 12 other states have followed California's lead in keeping bold standards for clean cars that address our 11-year climate challenge. 

I urge you to support keeping California's clean car standards in place. 

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