California League of Conservation Voters

It's Time to Abolish The Electoral College

The electoral college has officially solidified America’s choice of Joe Biden as the 46th President-Elect of the United States. While this is great news for us, we have known for a while that President-Elect Biden won the popular vote. So, why do we continue to rely on this antiquated system to solidify the results? 

The origins of the Electoral College are steeped in racism. Southern states, which held 93% of the country’s slave population, found themselves at a major disadvantage within a popular voting system. As a result, the three-fifths compromise was born, boosting the south’s congressional delegation by 42%. The increased delegates used the three-fifths compromise as the foundation for the system we now use in choosing our president. More than two centuries later, the Electoral College continues to empower southern white voters while submerging black votes. Even though black voters make up much of the southern population, their preferred presidential candidate is almost assured to lose their home states’ electoral votes.  

These structures are working as designed. Democracy and justice require we take on this fight. 


We believe that radical change is necessary and only by transforming our political system will we create the opportunity to take bold action on climate change. We elect and cultivate environmental champions, turn election victories into policy wins, hold our lawmakers accountable, and build political power for change. We inspire hope and action and fight for equity and justice for all Californians. We are in the business of changing what’s possible.

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If every vote counts, why isn’t the voice of the people being amplified? 

It’s time to magnify the people’s voice and value the votes of all Americans. That is why we implore you to join us in the movement to protect and strengthen our democracy.

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