California League of Conservation Voters

Sign the petition: Tell the Legislature it's time to make it easier to vote in California

California can set a national precedent now by passing legislation this year to go into effect before the March 2020 primary.

We're committed to changing what's possible in our electoral system by supporting this legislation package: 

  1. Permitting 15-year-olds to pre-register to vote (SB 727)
  2. Educating high school seniors on the mechanics of voting (AB 773)
  3. Lowering the voting age In California (ACA 8)
  4. Making Election Day a holiday (AB 177)
  5. Increasing access to voting centers for everyone, including college students (AB 49 + AB 59)
  6. Expanding weekend voting (AB 363)
  7. Expanding access to same-day voter registration (SB 72)

Add your name today to urge your legislator to support this election reform package. 

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Add your name now. 

Dear Senator/Assemblymember:

California can set the precedent now by passing legislation now that makes it easier to vote and that would go into effect before next year's March 2020 primary.

I urge you to support CLCV's democracy reform package that expands access to the ballot for millions of Californians. 

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