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Tell Governor Newsom: Thank you for signing Senate Bill 307 into law and protecting California's natural resources

Cadiz, Inc., a construction company, plans to pump up 16.3 billion gallons of groundwater per year on land surrounded by Mojave Trails National Monument, drying up water needed by California’s desert plants and wildlife.

Fortunately, our legislature passed Senate Bill 307, which ensures greater oversight of the project and prioritizes a thorough review of the environmental impacts of the Cadiz Water Project before it commences. Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed the bill into law.

Add your name today to thank Gavin Newsom for signing Senate Bill 307 into law!

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Dear Governor Newsom:

California’s water and natural resources are worth protecting.

Thank you for supporting SB 307, ensuring greater oversight of the Cadiz water mining project, and protecting our natural resources from further destruction. 

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