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Urge the Senate: Pass the Green New Deal today!

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is bringing the Green New Deal up for a vote on Tuesaday aiming to close any chance of a national debate and hoping we will not gain enough support for the bill.

Let's prove him wrong.

The Green New Deal is our opportunity to put our country on a path toward a clean energy future for all. 

Add your name today to urge the Senate to pass the Green New Deal. 

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It's time for a Green New Deal.

Dear Senator, 

The United Nations' report and Trump's own National Climate Assessment from the EPA make very clear that we will reach peak climate chaos in the next 12 years if we do not act now. 

The Green New Deal can transform our nation by providing millions of green jobs and training, investing in 100% renewable energy, and setting us on a path toward a clean energy future.

I urge you to support a Green New Deal so that we can build a clean energy future for all. 

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