California League of Conservation Voters

Urge Your Senator to Save Joshua Tree and OPPOSE A Corporate Bailout!

As legislators returned to Sacramento to work on pressing issues, so did corporate lobbyist! Right now, legislators are contemplating a bill that would bail out a corporation at the expense of a fragile desert ecosystem, endangered wildlife, sacred sites, and communities in the desert valley near Joshua Tree National Park.  

AB 1720 seeks to require taxpayers and public utilities to bail out a failing multi-billion dollar energy project, the Eagle Crest pumped storage project. The Eagle Crest project would extract thousands of acre-feet of ice-age groundwater from an arid desert valley near Joshua Tree National Park. The National Park Service already concluded that the Eagle Crest Project “would cause damaging overdraft conditions” by over-pumping groundwater from an already over-drafted aquifer.”   

If this legislation passes it will cost Californians billions of dollars without any direct benefit and cause irreparable damage to Joshua Tree National Park.  

Can we count on your support to urge your legislator to reject this bad policy vote NO on AB 1720?  

Take action now! Call your Senator and urge them to vote NO on AB 1720.  

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