California League of Conservation Voters

Call Governor Newsom's office: Tell him to sign Senate Bill 1 into law today!

Take action today to fight against the Trump administration's attacks on our environmental protections.

Last week, after weeks of advocacy from numerous environmental and public health organizations, we helped Senate Bill 1 -- which empowers California to uphold the enviromental, health, and worker protections that safeguard our most vulnerable communities -- get passed the Legislature with overwhelming support.

Governor Newsom recently implied that he would veto the bill upon arrival to his desk. We cannot sit idly by while the Trump administration use falsified science to ignore environmental protections and attack California's clean water, beautiful outdoor spaces, and wildlife. By siding with Trump and corporations over California’s families and wildlife, Governor Newsom would be sending a clear message that California’s values are up for grabs

We need all hands on deck to get Governor Newsom to sign Senate Bill 1 into law. Will you make a call to Governor Newsom's office today?

Use the form on this page to call Governor Newsom RIGHT NOW and tell him to sign Senate Bill 1 into law!

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