California League of Conservation Voters

Ask Governor Newsom to Stand Strong Against Environmental Rollbacks

Right now, Big Oil and corporate polluters are trying to push Governor Newsom to rollback critical environmental laws and suspend the implementation of urgent regulations. Just think – air pollution makes people more susceptible to respiratory diseases like COVID-19, and this is especially a problem in low-income communities and communities of color burdened with disproportionately high levels of pollution, who are more likely to not have access to health care or paid sick leave. Yet in the midst a massive pandemic caused by a virus that attacks the respiratory system, Big Oil and corporate interest are looking for just another free pass to pollute!


Join us in encouraging Newsom to publicly stand strong against the horrific agenda of Big Oil and corporate polluters.


Take action today! Use the form on this page to call Governor Gavin Newsom to stand strong against Big Oil and corporate polluters.

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