California League of Conservation Voters

Call Your Senator: #NoDrillingWhereWereLiving

During this crisis, our lawmakers should be voting on behalf of our communities, not big oil.  

Research shows that COVID-19 is heavily impacting communities living in high pollution areas. The cost of living in close proximity to oil and gas wells include risk of cancer, asthma, and preterm birth, but also risk of water contamination, oil spills and explosions.

Now more than ever is the time to take steps to protect communities living near oil drilling sites. Assembly Bill 345 seeks to do just that.   

Passing AB345 will create health and safety buffer zones by requiring a minimum setback distance between dangerous and hazardous oil and gas extraction wells and homes, schools, daycares, playgrounds, hospitals, and health clinics.  The passage of AB 345 will bring us closer to protecting children and families from the hazards of living near an oil and gas well.

Call your Senator and urge them to vote YES on AB345 and protect your community from the hazards of living near an oil and gas well.

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